Peeked in on In Nomine: R&D, and found actual /people/ there. And very, very familiar people at that: haven't 'seen' those faces since B&S went down. There may be help for it, yet.

Also! Got back from epic trippage.

First, went home to spend Christmas with the folks. Or, well, the folk. My dad primarily, but other family was in attendance. It was much fun. Then I left to catch a PLANE. And FLY. To go see Pip and Jen up in their new stomping grounds of Pittsburgh! I successfully flew without losing anything or dying in a horrible, flaming crash. Go me.

The visit was wonderful; it's so good to spend time with friends, and as always, Jen and Pip are marvelous hosts. We pimped some things at each other (I really, really like Lost Cities and Fjords), and Chris finished Fatal Frame 2 (with me cheering on the sidelines, which is how I always 'play' survival horror games), and just generally geeked out, together.

Of course, after a week sleeping on couches (even comfy couches), my back hates me and plots my imminent demise.


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