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( Jan. 5th, 2009 08:50 am)
Back at work. Pretty much totally dead; my internal clock had reset itself for its preferred sleep cycle of 2am to 12am, I'm afraid, and fretting about having to wake up early only made it /harder/ to get and stay asleep. So I am zombie Amber.

I had strange dreams, largely about superheroes. I have not played Persona 4 since I got back; not because I am unenthused, but because I've had stuff to do, and something like MU*ing is more conductive to multi-tasking. Also, I am cooking again; I cleaned out the fridge of all the stuff that had gone bad, and bought new groceries that I actually had a plan for. Sunday, I made beef stew from scratch, and it was /terribly/ tasty. Also, I used largely organic ingredients, which doesn't matter much, but makes me feel a little better. I've also got the makings for several different chicken dishes (chicken quesadillas are on my menu), and beef curry, as well as your usual sandwichy stuff for when I'm not feeling up to cooking.

If I have a resolution, it's to do less eating out, and more of my own cooking.
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( Jan. 5th, 2009 01:53 pm)
I am dead. Just...dead. I had to stop myself from falling asleep. At WORK. That's how dead. Worse, I can't take a nap when I get home, because if I do, I'll wake up around eleven o'clock, and the whole sorry thing will repeat.


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