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Good & Evil. Life & Death. Rock & Roll.

In Nomine: R&D is set in modern-day Advincula, a city of about 60,000 people situated in northern California. It's home to a research park and university, with an attached hospital; these areas form the primary settings of the MUX. The research park contains an electronics company which has recently established a Tether to Technology. INRD's settings are high Contrast and medium-low Brightness. It is technically non-canon, largely because the admin does not claim and does not plan to acquire a truly exhaustive knowledge of IN theme, but it hews quite closely to canon.

Some key policies:
* No ridiculous novella background requirement: only a chronological bullet-point outline of the character's major activities. (Accounting for all years, but generally covering many years in a single bullet-point.)
* Character progression handled by objective rules rather than (inherently silly) "justification" debates.
* Fairly open PRP policy. If you have an idea for an adventure or plot arc, run it! Approval unnecessary for most plots.
* It's not an MMORPG time-sink, it's not an exercise in cunning, it's not some OOC competition. It's a pretendy-funtime-game for playing make-believe. That's probably the most basic principle behind INRD's policies.

You can apply for angels, demons, Soldiers, Relievers, and plain old mundane humans. All corebook Superiors are available; other Superiors can be inquired about. Come app!

Wiki: (most news files are located here)
MUX: port 2007


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