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( Jan. 31st, 2009 06:09 pm)
- Pick up to 15 OTPs.
- Describe them in less than 15 words.
- Have your flist guess the OTP!

1. They'll write another story, where a miracle does not rely on a broken heart.
2. Her pride and his crown are both their enemies and their strengths.
3. Their roles cannot contain them; they'll be together outside of them, beyond that place. Utena/Anthy, Revolutionary Girl Utena
4. Warlord and Lady, Servant and Thief, she can no longer say who is who.
5. How dare he escape when she cannot? He can run, but he won't hide.
6. He called her a poison, but she tastes love in every kiss and smiles.
7. She's bridled him with a smile, and doesn't see the reins in her hands.
8. The marks on her skin whisper, he killed them for her, all for her.


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