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( Feb. 12th, 2009 09:18 am)
1. They'll write another story, where a miracle does not rely on a broken heart.

Fakir/Ahiru, Princess Tutu (not guessed)

2. Her pride and his crown are both their enemies and their strengths.

Karigan/Zachary, the Green Rider series. (not guessed)

3. Their roles cannot contain them; they'll be together outside of them, beyond that place. Utena/Anthy, Revolutionary Girl Utena (guessed by CPip)

4. Warlord and Lady, Servant and Thief, she can no longer say who is who.

Jewel/Avandar of the Sun Sword series. (not guessed)

5. How dare he escape when she cannot? He can run, but he won't hide.

Ms. Parker/Jarod, The Pretender (not guessed)

6. He called her a poison, but she tastes love in every kiss and smiles.

Yelena/Valek, Poison Study/Magic Study/Fire Study (not guessed)

7. She's bridled him with a smile, and doesn't see the reins in her hands.

Kelpie/Lydia, Hakushaku to Yousei (not guessed)

8. The marks on her skin whisper, he killed them for her, all for her.

Kaylin/Severin from the Elantra Chronicles. (not guessed)


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