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( Feb. 25th, 2009 09:47 am)
My dreams involved very strange things. It was a 'movie dream', in that I wasn't in the dream to any recognizable extent, but I was watching it. There were several different species, but the main were humans and type beings that my Atelier Series brain insisted on calling 'Mana', but they weren't. One of the humans was an ex-assassin who had been adopted/reformed by the Mana, and was working security during one of the Mana-leader's visits. The Mana-leader had a badly impared child, who died, saying...something. They 'spoke' in rainbows of light, and this particular burst of light had several different interpretations, a couple of which praised the security person, a couple of which accused the security person of killing them. So old mistrust of the fact that, yeah, the security person was pretty much a sociopath and maybe not as reformed as everyone thought, started coming up, and things were heading to a fierce confrontation.

It was strange.


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