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( Mar. 13th, 2009 06:10 pm)
Inspired by the quiz running around, I wandered over to to get my D&D geeking on. And was promptly reminded of why I avoid any threads about 4th Edition, because they drive me insaaaaaane. Much like the alignment wars of old, the 'boardgamy'-ness of D&D 4e seems to be the new oh-how-I-hate-it's-rollplaying-not-roleplaying aggravation.

However! I have channeled my wrath away from People Being Wrong On the Internet, and to creativity. For the record, I think 4e is awesome. It's fun, it's flavorful, it makes great characters. So, I'm making a pregenerated party, based on a very simple premise and idea (because I don't want it to be too much of a pain for me). I'm even using the Standard Array method for characters, instead of the rolling that I love, just so that the characters are very standard. World is original, because all my worlds are, but I've tried to keep the races in line with the standard archetypes.

Premise is: The kingdom of Eisengen is at war against an incursion from the Faewild which has turned their western border into someplace /terribly/ unfriendly to the mixed human and dragonborn majority. Most of the forces of the nation have shifted to that fight, leaving the other borders unguarded. To counter this lack, the Dragon King has put Army officers in charge of mercenary squads as troubleshooters and border scouts. This is one such troop.

Party is:

Lieutenant Agranar Torinn, Dragonborn Warlord
Derrick Starshadow, Human Warlock
Alita di Trellin, Human Fighter
Kess Suntouched, Dwarven Cleric
Duke (Dusenache), Tiefling Rogue

Abbreviated Sheets follow:

Agranar Torinn )

Derrick Starshadow )

Alita di Trellin )

Kess Suntouched )

Dusenache )

There. That's five decent, effective characters with personalities that are not just allowed by the mechanics, but /facilitated/ by them. Moreover, each of them is competent not only in battle, but their skills allow them to contribute meaningfully in non-combat situations as well.


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