It is excellent, exactly how I'd hope it would be. The graphics are lovely, of course, and the game has kept what worked, and expanded it. The only somewhat sad thing is the necessity to hunt down the tools: I've got them all but the hammer, and there are ROCKS IN MY FIELD. I require them to begone!

Also, combat is a little weird, but it always has been for RF. It usually takes me several hours of adventuring to get into the groove of attack, dodge, taunt, attack. So, I expect it.

The little cutscenes are adorable. My favorite so far:

MC: *finds girl almost passed out on his doorstep* OMG WTF! (Not a direct transcription!)
Girl: ...water...please, water...
MC: Of course! *pulls out watering can.../waters the girl/*
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( Mar. 19th, 2009 03:45 pm)
Have urge to run D&D 4E one-shot in the Eisengen setting. Worse, have urge to run /city-based/, /intrigue/ adventure in the largest city, Apolda. Think fantasy spies.

And by 'have urge to', I mean 'have already written out full premise and half a dozen NPCs lacking nothing but stats'.



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