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( Mar. 20th, 2009 08:19 am)
Very strange dreams.

Involving Michael Jackson.

VERY strange dreams.

Also, I haz a hammer! And now that I have a hammer, I've started being able to upgrade my tools to happy times. (Watering becomes /so/ much easier once you have the first upgrade. Plus, I love the fact that your character gets all acrobatic about it.)

The giiiiirls. It's Fantasy Harvest Moon, so of course you have several maidens that you can woo. This time, you actually have 12! And, amazement of amazement, a chubby girl is actually among them. She's overweight, and she doesn't mind! She is, however, the hardcore homemaker of the troupe, so not my first choice for wooing. Right now, I am enamored of Selphy. Selphy lives in the library. She took down most of the books and stacked them in messy piles all over the place according to her own arcane system of management. She loves books, possibly in wrong ways. I adore Selphy.

Others are the nun-in-training, if that's your thing. The flaky and mystical girl next door (who is cheerfully mercenary when it comes to using you). The emo girl genius. The disturbingly young warrior girl and her spirit companion. The bath-house witch girl. And the merchant girl who is running the slacker store out of business. There are more I've not met yet, of course, but these are quite enough trouble!


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