Just returned from Spring Break.

Oddly enough, despite having VACATION, I spent most of the time in a dark blue funk. Ended up mindlessly playing games for most of the day, then running my CoC one-shot (which ended up being a solo campaign, but that is working /much/ better than I'd thought) in the evenings. Having vague thoughts about writing it up more formally, and either running it at con, or submitting it somewhere.

I am just below 10K words in my newest writing project. It is utter fluff, but it is original, non-game-related fluff, so I'm pretty happy with myself about it...except for the fact that I probably could have gotten up to 20K if I'd put the time in that I'd planned to.

Sadly, I'm just...disaffected with life in general, right now. I know this cycle; it's the chrysalis stage of Development Of A Pyrephox. Essentially, I've already made a major life decision, I just haven't emotionally admitted that I have to myself, so I am both unhappy about current circumstances, and fretting about the future, but will not look forward emotionally, because I insist on questioning the decisions I've already made. It's weird like that.

Eventually, I'll jump feet first into whatever I've planned to do, and I'll be immensely relieved and happy that I did so. But that time is not now. Not least of which because I /can't/ do it now; so I'm in a limbo not entirely of my own making.

But that's okay. I just have to get through six more weeks, and then life will get better. Yes.


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