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([personal profile] pyrephox Mar. 1st, 2009 03:58 pm)
Although for a few bits there, I was seriously concerned. I had a nice, happy case of the flu. I'm still a little sick, but I'm able to get out of the bed, so that's an improvement. But I did get all the way through the day at work. Even managed to be coherent for most of it.

As if the skies are in sympathy with me, it started raining about mid-day Friday...and hasn't stopped since. Oh, occasionally the clouds will pause for a bit, like somebody's got to hunt down the kegs of celestial lager now that they've 'made room', but give it about half an hour, and the rain resumes. Which, hey, I guess we need it, but it hasn't made being sick any more fun, that's for sure. What ought to be even more 'fun': We're supposed to get between three and five inches of snow tonight. And since it's been raining for a few days straight, and today's high is somewhere in the upper thirties...well, it ought to stick. Which means, best case scenario, I get a snow day tomorrow (which has to be made up later, but hell, I still feel like crap, so I'll take what I can get). Worse case scenario? They put it on a delay, but staff has to go in at the same time, which means driving on icy, icy roads while still feeling sick. Bleh.

Anyway. I live. Whee.
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*offers a hug* I hope you feel better tomorrow, and get a snow day. O:(

From: [identity profile]

I get a snow day!

It puts me behind with parent conferences, but I don't care. There is snow. There is no work. WHEE!


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