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It was quite good.

Amusingly, after I sat down, a whole family came in, with three adorable children ranging in ages from -- it looked like -- about six to maybe ten years of age.

They left in the middle of the film. I can't /imagine/ why. I heard the mutters and gasps start up right after the Watchmen version of the V-Day photograph. (As a side note, the movie makes me want to know a lot more about Silhouette. She seemed, in the film, confident and sane in stark contrast to the rest of them.)

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"Hey, Mabel, let's take the kids to this movie about comic-book superheroes. How bad can it be?"
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*beth shakes her head* If a movie has a rating of R, why are they bringing Little Kids to it??

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I agree about Silouette! She seemed remarkably composed. Also, ah, the dip-kiss was... *fans self just a smidgen* As it were.

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Incredibly hot. :D I loved the way that she just gave the camera that look as she went into it. In 1940s America. That actress got across a lot of characterization in...well, /no/ lines, since she didn't have any. But just with body language and such.

(Also, I'm glad that they cut the distaste/disgust with which Spectre was viewed directly after the scene with the Comedian. Yes, it would have been appropriate for the era, but just that one deletion made it easier for me to like the characters.)

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Yeahhh. *fan fan fan* Which actually deviates from comic canon, as it were - I did a smidgen of research, and it turns out that she was kicked out of the Minutemen because of being a lesbian. Not that Hooded Justice and the... what is it, the Captain something or other... guy didn't have a thing, but.


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As Chris just put it, "Mommy, what does 'lesbian whores' mean?"

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Do people not even *look* at the rating? Oi.

What was the last R-rated superhero movie? Robocop?