Ha! Finally finished writing up the last of my pre-generated D&D 4E party, Duke the Rogue. I've actually had the work done for a few days, now, but I just haven't gone ahead and posted it. Bad Amber.

Now, of course, I find myself wanting to do world-building and game making. But, gah, I wanna PLAY.

ETA: OH OH OH! Tomorrow is the release date of 'Rune Factory: Frontier', which is the Rune Factory game for the Wii. I am totally there.

In other Wii news, Japan has got a release called 'Fragile', which is an adventure/rpg game. Post apocalyptic, character drama, with anime character designs. Where the Wiimote is your flashlight as you explore.

WAAAAAAAAAANT. WANT SO BAD. It'd better come over, damn it.


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