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1) Comment here, and I'll list five things I associate with you.
2) Post this header in your own journal, and elaborate on the five things I mention.


I am a big horror fan. I'm also not picky about the kind of horror: my favorites tend to be the atmospheric, brain-breaky sort of horror situations, but I'll happily take gore fests, shallow slasher films, humorous B-monster movies, whatever. I blame this on my father. He really, really doesn't like horror films, but he's still the one who took me to see Creepshow at a drive-in theatre when I was, like, five years old. I still remember the scene with the bugs, and it made me a convert. Only a couple of things have actually given me lasting nightmares. The first was Cujo. I was attacked by a pit bull when I was three, and I read Cujo when I was about seven or eight, and had nightmares on and off for a good ten years afterward. The second was The Blair Witch Project. I don't know why, but that movie REALLY got me. I didn't sleep well for several days afterward.

Cows (with or without guns)

When I was much younger, I thought I wanted to be Jane Goodall when I grew up. However, as I lived in the rural South of the United States, gorillas were in very short supply. Cows, however, were not. So, one summer when I lived in a trailer that sat next to a cow pasture, I made it my project to become One With The Cows. I'd leave in the morning, little notebook in hand, and spend the whole day wandering around with a herd of cows, writing down what they did, and so forth. It was an interesting experience; probably for the bulls that ran the herd as much as for me, since they had no idea what to do with a ten year old human. General impressions: cows are not very bright, and when they don't want you to stand someplace, they will move you.

Also, cows are tasty.


I fall within normal parameters for all notable personality and emotional disorders, although I do lack some of the typical markers of the human condition, but I compensate. I guess this means I'm sane. Also, I went into the study of psychology, then counseling, out of a long time desire to know what the nature of sanity, and insanity, really is. People's brains /interest/ me, in the sense that there is a vast and complex universe inside of every person, where dreams and thoughts that exist NOWHERE else tend to be. This is quite possibly the coolest thing in the universe.


I game like whoa. I love to game, and I'll play just about ANYTHING once. Doesn't matter if it's a card game, board game, RPG, computer game, minis game, or word game, I'll give it a shot, and I can be entertained for long periods by very simple games. I will actually play War, still. (War: divide a standard playing deck in half, one to each player. Shuffle. Draw the top face-down card off of each deck, compare. Highest card wins, and gets both cards on their deck. Repeat until one person no longer has a deck, or you've strangled yourself to make the game end.) I enjoy the design aspects of games almost as much as the actual playing, but I have a tendency to get frustrated and unhappy when it seems like other players are not enjoying themselves as much as I am: I have a tendency to be pushy with things that I enjoy, but I hate to be humored.


An interesting selection. I suppose I would say that I am a good little mirror: I have a tendency to reflect what other people are comfortable with in most social situations. My typical comfort zone is to spend a lot of time with a new person observing them and how they act, and then matching myself to their expectations. I have a tendency to mimic; if a person uses a catchphrase, in-joke, slang, or even way of speaking around me, I'll pick it up (largely unconsciously) within the next couple of meetings. It can be difficult to know the 'real me', because I have a marked tendency to turn the conversation around to something else. It makes memes like this rather interesting to me, because I try to be as honest as I can.


In Nomine's Archangel of Fire, and one of my absolute favorite Superiors. As an Ofanite, and bearer of the Word of Fire, she is often a raw force of nature, burning with divine inspiration, smouldering with anger at her perceived ill-treatment at the hands of Dominic, but still ever-loyal to God, and ever-wrathful towards those who would oppose God. Taps into the iconography of the Holy Fool, with an extra slice of Blow Your Shit UP. She's a wild card that still is connected with the holy bureaucracy (if only reluctantly), unlike Eli, which makes the situation of herself and her servitors very interesting to me. Also, she's one of the few Archangels who can manage to be simultaneously badass, but acutely vulnerable as well, and I like the power dynamics that sets up.

South Carolina.

My home state, deity of your choice help me. I'm a crazy liberal in a thoroughly red state, and I often hate it. But, at the same time, there's a peculiar sort of bitter pride in being a part of the crazy. (We started the Civil War, and haven't learned a thing, yet! If there were a way to ressurect Strom Thurmond with lightning and prop him up, we'd probably still elect him!)


I work in it! On one hand, being a part of the theoretical education of younguns, and the public school system...which I truly believe is one of the vital underpinnings of any claim that America has to being a democratic and just kinda neat. On the other hand, AUGH KILL IT WITH FIRE. There are so many improvements that could be made.

Space opera.

I love me some space opera. I think it started with Heinlein, especially the juveniles, but it doesn't take much to bring me back to that. I like my space opera sort of dark and violent, but with an overall theme of hope and earning your happy ending. I am fascinated by the idea of space exploration in all its forms, and it's one of my deepest regrets that I will not live to travel to another planet, or even live to see a colony within our solar system.


One of my favorite forms of gaming. Low cost, yet capable of infinite variety, and allowing people with disparate schedules to log on according to when they actually have time and want to play. Unfortunately, MUSHers also have a tendency to be batshit insane, which makes a wonderful medium sort of dicey to navigate. At the moment, I have a strong wish for a dedicated Changeling (new) MU*, one that focused on adventure and horror rather than politicking. I've actually even developed a setting and some news files, but lack of time and the commitment to learn code means that, like most of my other projects, it'll probably never see the light of day.


I suppose that I tend to be a sensible person, if not on the inside, at least on what I show the rest of the world. I don't get incredibly excited (for good or for ill) very easily, and I tend to intellectualize. It makes me cautious, which is at least within shouting distance of sensible. Also, Jane Austin was pretty darned nifty.

Fine Cooking

Mmmmm, I love food. I also really like cooking, although my hatred of doing the dishes somewhat restricts how much I actually do it. I'm gradually trying to get more into the foodie thing, but my enthusiasm occasionally outstrips my talent.


Counselor, I can be! I have a degree in counselor education, and a certification as a K-12 school counselor. I'm currently working in a high school. I love counseling; I love the ideas behind it, I love the research, and the concept of helping people to make themselves more of what they want to be. It's not about 'fixing' people, so much as helping people to determine where /they/ want to go, and what /their/ strengths are.


Mmmm, Louis Armstrong and Lady Ella. Also, WW2, and the rise of professional-level propaganda used in large, systematic quantities for the first time, largely thanks to the development of the mass media. An interesting time period.


Hee. I tend to think about things a lot. Maybe too much, because given the opportunity, I'll run myself to pieces in my head, going over one thing or another. It's one of the reasons I love research; that kind of over-obsessive data focus is actually considered /good/. It makes me happy.
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