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I am thinking about running a Modern CoC one-shot over my Spring Break. Or at least starting one, because heaven knows that one-shots tend to be a lot more than one session online. I am looking for three to four people who /will/ be available Tuesday evening, from about seven PM Eastern until at least 10 PM Eastern. Character generation will be done outside of the session.

The setting is the Miskatonic U campus (although not necessarily a canonical version; I populate it with my own NPCs), April, 2009. The day is April 15th, and something terrible has happened. In a single, bloody night, three of the University's professors have been murdered. Or possibly committed suicide. Reports are somewhat unclear. The professors are: Dr. Jessica Thompson, from the Botany department; Dr. Cory Hadler, from the Linguistics department; and Dr. Frank Meadows, also from the Linguistics department.

Characters should be connected to these professors: grad students working under them are especially useful, but family members, colleagues, or even local police will work. Anyone who has a connection and a reason to investigate. If you need more details about a particular NPC or possible connection, just ask!
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