pyrephox: (Default)
2009-03-07 04:06 pm


Playing with yet another evolution simulator.

This one actually seems to be an improvement on DarwinBots in most ways; the only thing I would wish is the ability to open up the bot and see the programming for myself. However, I've already had two major beneficial mutations spread throughout the population.

The first reset the hunger threshold to about 17%. Standard Evolites only start hunting for food when hunger gets about 50%, which means they don't get a lot of time to find food before they starve to death at 100% hunger.

The second, which is recent, allows the Evolite to move (albeit slowly) and chase food in its 'sleep', and to wake itself up before it reaches 100% energy. It also seems to be able to perceive the presence of other excited Evolites, because it usually only 'sleepwalks' in a group that's hunting food.