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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 02:13 pm)
U.S. sued for benefits for same-sex married couples.

It looks like maybe they've finally got some test cases they like to challenge DOMA on legal grounds. I suspect they're using full faith and credit rationale; according to the article, they're challenging on behalf of legally-married same-sex couples in Mass. who are being denied Social Security, tax, and other federal benefits because their legal spouse is the same sex.

If it sounds like I said the word 'legal' a lot, that's because I meant to. I don't think that DOMA can take a challenge like this, if the lawyers even have half their brains working...which is, sadly, not to say that the Supreme Court might decide that they just aren't going to hear it, and thus delay having to face up to the unconstitutional nature of the law. But...anyway. Yay. And good luck to them.


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